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"Everyone in this country is assigned into one of these assembled categories. Programs, policies, and benefits are planned and administered on the basis of them. Self-identities are formed, in part, around them. Cultural discussions occur, many times first and foremost, by sorting people into one of them. We make assumptions about people, about each other, because of them. And it’s made up – it’s all pretend." excerpt from The Absurdity of Race, R. Anthony Arnold


Response, State of the Union
Francine Dash, Writer

"President Biden made a calculated effort to highlight bipartisan reform. This forced both tribes to at times, acknowledge the president’s effectiveness, through applause and by some members standing. I saw both sides acknowledge some of the work the president said he would get done. Those moments were reassuring, because I need to know that these tribes are not caught up in some made up war that takes them away from compromise and the people’s business."

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