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Good Money ⋮ A Pointcast Podcast
Frank Jameson, Host
with Rachel and Floyd Root and Anthony Arnold, Writer and Host of "Smart Politix", Guests

The Child Tax Credit and How it's Helping Families

Anthony Arnold and Rachel and Floyd Root say that the Child Tax Credit is a help, but is not all the help that families need.

"[W]e need to start developing more programs to help adults learn how to keep their excess money instead of spending excess money and leaning on the government too much," Floyd Root.

"What families need is durability. We need enough [financial] durability so that when a pandemic hits, we can survive the rough waters," Anthony Arnold, Smart Politix Host, Contributor and Writer.

"I just think the politicians need to come into their districts and get to know their peoples’ struggles and find the best way they can help them. This child tax credit has been beneficial to everyone, but it’s not been exactly transparent," Rachel Root.

Episode G4/126


Good Money ⋮ A Pointcast Podcast
Frank Jameson, IV, Host

Our Journey to Wealth

"You always hear people saying to live within your means; but they rarely tell you how. That's why I'm doing this show, not just to share with you how to live within your means to show you how to increase your means, so you can increase your wealth."

Episode G3/113


Good Money ⋮ A Pointcast Podcast
Frank Jameson, IV, Host
with Anthony Arnold, Host of 'Smart Politix', Guest

Let's Talk About SALT - the State And Local Tax Deduction - What it is and how it affects your money.

"It's a deduction, typically for wealthy individuals. You would have to be able to itemize your taxes and it was created back in the late 1800s to off-set the income tax. President Trump capped it at $10,000, Senator Romney wants to eliminate it to pay for family and child poverty programs, but Democrats want to keep it. "

Episode G2/111

Good Money ⋮ A Pointcast Podcast
Frank Jameson, IV, Host
with Anthony Arnold, Host of 'Smart Politix', Guest

How to Save Money When You're Broke

"Money is a thing that we use to get what we need -- and sometimes, what we want. So, the goal isn’t really to get money. It’s to get the lifestyle we want to live; the security we want to have for ourselves and our families; the legacy we want to leave behind; the choices we want to be able to freely make without fear; and the impact we want to leave on the world around us. That’s ‘Good Money’. "

Episode G1/106